Additional Services

Due-Diligence Reviews 

TriAxis has the experience and expertise to provide independent review of plans, specifications, workplans, and construction schedules pertaining to substation or transmission line construction projects. This service is sometimes necessary to secure long-term project financing.

Project Development Support
TriAxis regularly provides assistance to Independent Power Producers in the development stage of generation projects. IPPs have used TriAxis to provide guidance for economical and practical arrangements for substations, transmission lines, and utility interconnections. We have provided help in contract provisions and negotiations for power sales, transmission wheeling, and interconnection construction. TriAxis has also represented the IPP as the Owner’s Engineer through EPC bidding and construction.

Utility Valuations
The TriAxis group has performed several utility property inventories on the behalf of utility clients, and has developed opinions of value based on replacement-cost-new less physical depreciation.